Vertigo Games Games Hellsweeper VR


A roguelike first person combat game with an intense no-holEs-barred locomotion and brutal combat system…

About Hellsweeper

Do you dare to descend into Hell?

From the makers of Sairento VR comes a first person action-combat game that descends you into hell.
In Hellsweeper VR you traverse the demonic dimensions, wield weapons with deadly precision, command the forces of telekinesis and muster mystical powers to wipe out your twisted enemies.

Reap your rewards, upgrade your skills, and choose your fate as you experiment with unique combat variations and start to discover what being a Hellsweeper means to you.


Limitless Movement

A daring, no-holds-barred locomotion system that pushes the limits of even the bravest of VR players.

Defy earthly physics with intense wall-running, power sliding, backflips, jumps, bullet time and more.

Master Your Combat Style

Summon, wield & master various weapons and magic combinations.

Customize your playstyle by experimenting with various skill traits.

Faithful Hellhound

Amid the ceaseless chaos, find solace in the silent loyalty of your Hellhound, a faithful companion on your nightmarish journey.

Various Game modes

Fight through multiple missions and epic boss battles and reap the rewards behind every deathly risk in Roguelike Mode as a single player or in a team of two.

In Challenge Mode, prove your mettle in fortnightly challenges and etch your name into the leaderboards. Or define your own rules in the Training Room mode.


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