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Vertigo Games’ publishing team primarily provides funding, publishing, marketing and technical support to developers of VR games that offer a novel, powerful and full-featured VR experience to fans of the medium. Today, our VR games have made it into the hands of over 1.5 million VR fans worldwide.

WE CONNECT VR STUDIOS and vr arcades

Our Arcades team distributes VR games in the location-based entertainment (LBE) market through a best-in-industry distribution network and a portfolio that covers 25% of minutes played in Western markets. Our HAZE VR and SpringboardVR platforms offer VR studios and LBE operators the ultimate toolset to develop, distribute and operate free-roam VR.

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Vertigo Studios Rotterdam is an award-winning VR studio that aims to create premium full-feature VR games with cutting-edge techniques that offer unrivaled immersion to gamers everywhere. The team is made up of a diverse range of passionate and talented individuals who strive to push the boundaries of VR with the ultimate end goal of establishing VR gaming as the most appreciated form of interactive entertainment.

Vertigo Studios Amsterdam

Founded in 2015, Vertigo Studios Amsterdam is one of the world’s largest VR and AR development studios. Its founders are game industry veterans, who have previously founded Guerrilla Games and have held executive positions at leading video games companies such as Atari and Disney.

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