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Vertigo Arcades is a VR arcade publishing company that aims to drive the success of VR arcades and VR developers through their LB VR distribution & technology platforms SpringboardVR and HAZE VR, which helps develop and distribute large-scale free-roam titles as well as classic VR titles in the out of home VR market. Haze provides a collection of VR games to serve a wide ranging audience with titles such as Arizona Sunshine® – LB VR Edition, The Corsair’s Curse, and Ghost Patrol VR.

  • 700+ locations in arcades, family entertainment centers, and theme parks
  • 40+ countries with 15,000+ licenses live to date
  • #1 most played title in arcades – Arizona Sunshine
  • Published titles account for roughly 25% of minutes played in Western arcades

For Venue Operators

Learn more about licensing options for any of our VR games. Thinking about adding our free-roam VR experiences to your location? Explore your options through our LBE VR distribution and launcher platforms HAZE VR, SpringboardVR and our partners.

For VR Developers

Where do players without their own VR headsets go? Where can you share large-scale, free-roam VR games? That’s right – arcades and family entertainment centers! Learn how Vertigo Arcades can help you bring your VR game to new audiences.


Free-Roam Play

Arizona Sunshine® – LB VR Edition, based on the award-winning and best-selling VR shooter, The Corsair’s Curse and Ghost Patrol VR each offer an untethered warehouse-scale VR experience for up to four players at a time, that lets players physically move around and play together in one shared play space.

Unprecedented Immersion

Interacting with each other in one real-world arena using full-body tracking, 4D effects, and a range of supported VR gear. Players can create their ultimate weapon loadout in Arizona Sunshine® or feel the wind in their face and the ground shake in The Corsair’s Curse. These are some of the most immersive VR experiences yet.

The Ultimate VR Experience

Haptic Suits

Hyperkin Blasters, PPGun, and Striker Arena Infinity & Infinity Lite

HTC Vive and Optitrack

HTC Vive Wireless Adapter

4D Effects
Fans and Movable Floors

Find a location nearby

Our free-roam VR experiences are currently available in over 30+ HAZE VR locations worldwide. Find a location nearby and start playing with up to four friends in the experience of a lifetime.


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