Vertigo Games Games The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood

The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood

a mystical world that is ready to explore


Fulfill your dreams of exploring a land of magic and fighting your way through malignant forces in this first-person VR adventure! Specially designed for motion controllers, the game lets you weave magic with your own hands like a true sorcerer. Are you ready to wield such power?

Return to Meliora, the land of magic and adventure known from The Wizards, and discover a brand new region in this thrilling new chapter of the Realm’s history!

Even More VR Spellcasting Action

The Wizards return, remastered, with the enhanced gesture-based spellcasting system, new challenging enemies, and the ever-witty narrator Aurelius. With more unique spells and even more VR interaction with the environment – why not try climbing some boulders, riding a troll, or even having a trolley cart chase!

Wield The Elements – Brotherhood Co-op

Embrace the elements of Fire, Frost, and Storm now together with your wizard friends! Unleash your combined powers against a variety of enemies and explore whole new levels, objectives, and challenges!

A Remastered Singleplayer Adventure

A mysterious dark plague has fallen on the realm of Meliora, twisting its inhabitants into beings of hatred and madness. Forbidden powers and rogue wizards are involved, leaving only you to face the apocalypse head-on. Dare to journey through the Forsaken Wood, wade through the poisonous swamps of Meliora, descend into the ruinous Necropolis, and more!

Enhanced Graphics & VR Controls

Embark on this perilous journey and experience the game at a whole new level, with beautifully rendered graphics, optimized for latest VR advancements. Command the arcane powers with nothing but hand gestures – as a true Wizard does! Featuring optimized controls for greater ease of use and accuracy – no magical (or technological) barriers will stop you!

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