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Optimize and distribute your VR game to a whole new market

The out of home or location-based entertainment (LBE) VR market – best known for VR arcades – lets you tap into an entirely additional audience: Consumers who are not (yet) ready to buy into a VR set-up at home. Not only does this provide an additional revenue stream at the minor cost of small adjustments to your VR game, we see out of home VR as our first line of offence for converting newcomers into VR enthusiasts who could end up buying our full games later.

If you want to take it a step further, the out of home market is an opportunity to monetize your VR game through offering unique and powerful VR attractions that can’t be enjoyed at home by oneself. Arena-scale free-roam VR experiences are high-end, shared experiences that provide the highest level of immersion VR currently has on offer, and give reason to even VR headset owners to visit a VR arcade with their friends.

Haze will jump start your OOH VR development by providing a SDK and a single interface to support a wide range of customers. 

Initially developed as a means to speed up and streamline development and testing of Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition internally, partnered developers can now use HAZE VR for creating and distributing their own attractions, allowing them to tap into a fast expanding network of free-roam VR enabled entertainment locations and arcades.

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