About Unplugged VR

Unplugged VR is a VR music game that allows you to play air guitar and write rock history, fully powered by hand-tracking technology. No controllers or peripherals required – just you rocking out hard. 

Unplugged VR is all about the rush of performing some of your favorite rock songs on a live stage in front of ever-growing crowds. Strap on your headset, get yourself on stage and take your pick from a killer selection of real-life guitars and amps to power yourself through an incredible rock journey that celebrates over 5 decades of classic rock, punk and metal. Match your fingers to the chords and strum the strings to play the guitar. Own the stage and engage the crowd to deliver the rock performance of a lifetime.
Produced by the lead guitarist on the Guitar Hero series, Unplugged is a love letter to rock music featuring some of the biggest, loudest and most insanely cool songs from world-famous rock bands, including The Offspring and many more. For the love of rock.


Classic tracks to rock out on

Unplugged’s tracklist is filled with legendary bands to bring the best tunes to play in VR!

True air guitar with hand-tracking tech

Using the hand-tracking technology from Oculus Quest and the finger-tracking on the Valve Index.


Game details


“VR is home to many terrific rhythmn games, but Unplugged may have the coolest hook.”
The Verge
“What Rock Dreams Are Made Of”
VR Focus
“Massively Impressed”
The VR Realm
“Goes Above And Beyond”
“The Best Hand-Tracking VR Game”
VooDoo DE
“Truly The Guitar Hero Of VR”