Vertigo Games Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition

Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition

Join forces with up to 4 players and take on the brain-hungry undead as they lurch out of the surrounding canyons to attack you, wave after wave. Can your squad hold out long enough to set a new record?

Say goodbye to motion sickness and teleporting and say hello to untethered action. Arizona Sunshine® – LB VR Edition is a VR experience that lets you freely roam a post-apocalyptic world by moving around in the real world.


Join forces with up to 4 survivors

Interact with up to four friends in one warehouse-scale arena, and interact with your fellow survivors in the real-world space for the optimal chances of survival. Jump in guns blazing or operate together tactically – it all depends on your play style and what your mission requires.

Create the ultimate weapon loadout

There’s a gun for every situation. With support for all leading VR peripherals, from the Striker GunPP Gun and Hyperkin Blasters to the Hardlight vest, you will build your ultimate weapon loadout before heading into the mission – or swap out your guns on the go.


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“Arizona Sunshine LB VR Edition still features everyone’s favourite undead, just this time you’re in a much larger room-scale environment with wireless headsets and an actual team.”
VR Focus
“We got to try it again in four-player roomscale multiplayer via Arizona Sunshine and that was even more impressive.”

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