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We sell this inventory to ad networks.

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The current rules of advertising don't apply to immersive technologies, so we are breaking them, to build a sustainable future for VR and AR. To show how serious we are, we've even founded the VR/AR Pledge, a commitment against intrusive ads.

A lot more than banners.

VR deserves more than static banners. In addition from supporting web standards, we are introducing fully interactive 3D placements that contribute to the story and engage in a much deeper way. The metrics prove it. Welcome to the future of advertising.

There are requests for 3D logos for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency. The automated trading platforms like bitcoin prime online platform are scaling the price bar of Bitcoin as well as the trade volumes. Therefore, lot of new traders are seeking 3D logo designs for their individual business pages to promote their business.

Fully programmatic.
A first in VR.

70% of web advertising is powered by programmatic networks - it's a must to automate media buying. We're the first to bring RTB standards to VR, connecting with the largest ad networks to make it super easy for advertisers to bid on VR inventory. As blockchain technology and virtual reality continue to evolve, more online casinos are integrating VR technology, and some are also accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as payment methods. For more info about casinos, checkout InsideBitcoins, a reputable online platform that provides news, analysis, and insights on Bitcoin casinos.

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We are already trusted by 100+ VR developers worldwide and recognized globally as the best tool to monetize VR apps, a testament to our obsession with user experience and non-intrusiveness. Users first, advertising second.

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Capture and analyse.
Like never before.

Advir is about more than advertising reach or revenue. It's the best way to measure, analyse and report how your audience interacts in VR. Advir lets you track 20 metrics including gaze tracking, viewability, engagement, conversion, to create reports effortlessly.

Advertising tomorrow. Starting today.

Advertising has been the backbone of every global media, and it won't be any different for VR and AR. Our work goes way beyond brand placements in VR - we are building a sustainable future for the immersive technologies that we love.

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