Programmatic brand placements for VR and AR.


We bring advertising to virtual worlds

Advir is the first Supply Side Platform for VR and AR, Our technology indexes advertising inventory in VR and AR, and connects it to advertisers. We work directly with premium advertisers, such as 360 video creators, and also connect with Demand Side Platforms (DSP).

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Redefining advertising for virtual and augmented reality


No one wants to see a banner ad in virtual reality. Working with the largest publishers, we are establishing new categories of ads tailored to VR and AR - such as immersive advertising. Check out our demo below.


Open with Google Chrome to see in 360 degrees. This is a demo and not representative of the future density of adverts per space or time.

We pledge to never disrupt the user experience 


Serving ads is our business, but VR and AR are our passion. What works on mobile cannot necessarily be translated to VR. Hence we are developing new standards to save VR from disruptive advertising.


We see a world where advertisement merge with content


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